You are an instrument

Mr Masur: You are right! I know that I do not personally deserve their admiration. The talent that I have was given to me by God and I feel more responsible than proud.

How do you work? How long do you feel everybody needs to get your spirit, to get your point of view on the world they live in? I think this is a fantastic place to teach what you have in mind — here in New York — because there can be no greater danger of losing your identification with your soul than here in this city. Do you feel that?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. You mentioned just now that you are an instrument, that God has entrusted you with some responsibility. If you can offer your responsibility to God’s Compassion, God’s Light, then He will guide you. He has asked you to do something. At that time, it is natural to pray to God, “You have ordered me to do something. Now please give me the capacity as well.” At that time, God will answer, “If I had not already given you the capacity, I would not have asked you to do it.”

When God asks you to conduct, definitely He has given you the capacity. Sometimes the mind hesitates to believe in God’s Assurance. But the heart, on the strength of its oneness with your inner existence, can feel that you do have the capacity. It knows that this capacity has come from the Source, from God. He who is asking you to do something has already given you the capacity to do it; otherwise, He would not have asked you to do it.

The mother asks her child to carry something. The mother knows that the child has the capacity to carry perhaps two or three pounds. She is not going to ask the child to carry fifty pounds.