The most wonderful moment of my life

Don Pablo (embracing Sri Chinmoy, with tears flowing from his eyes): I am most grateful to you for the most wonderful moment of my life.

Sri Chinmoy: It has been the most wonderful moment in my life, too. I am so happy to see you. You cannot imagine how happy, how delighted, how proud I am to see you because in you I see a real seeker of the infinite Truth who is trying to manifest Divinity through music. The aspiring world is accepting Divinity from you, from your dedicated work. Please feel my deepest gratitude. You have done and you will be doing so much for mankind. Your very life on earth is the greatest blessing for mankind. The whole world is basking in your contribution. You do not know your greatness. The whole world thinks you are so great, beyond your imagination, but you are greater, infinitely greater, than you think and the world thinks. You are a spiritual man. Now that I am seeing you, I can see that your inner world, your inner achievement, will also one day be recognised. The world is seeing your outer achievement, which has come from within, but the day will come, in your future incarnations, when the world will see the ocean of God's Light, Peace and Divinity that you are holding in you. This will also be revealed.

Don Pablo: We all have that within us. Thank you. (Presenting an album to Sri Chinmoy) These are the Beethoven Sonatas played with Rudolph Serkin, the great master.

Sri Chinmoy (presenting a book to Pablo Casals): These are talks on spirituality that I have given at Cambridge and other European universities.

Don Pablo: Thank you.

Sri Chinmoy: My most sincere thanks. One last thing: I was telling your wife that most musicians learn music and play mechanically. They become experts in a mechanical way. In your case, it is not something mechanical. Your music and God are totally, inseparably one; one cannot be separated from the other. You cannot separate God from music, so God is constantly revealing Himself through your music. When you think of music, God is there; when you think of God, music is there.

Don Pablo: Yes, that is what I feel. Bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.