Question: When a person who doesn't belong to the chosen few is faced with a decision in life, how does he or she know what is God's Will in matters like marriage, studies, professions and things like that?

Sri Chinmoy: If one is among the chosen few, then naturally one has a free access to one’s inner world, and from there one gets the direct message from the Inner Pilot. But if he is not one of the chosen few, what should he do? Since he feels that he is not in a position to decide what is best for himself, he should go to someone in whom he has all faith. Then his problem can easily be solved. Suppose you are sick. If you cannot cure yourself, you go to the doctor because you have faith in him and you feel that he will be able to cure you. You already have this faith in him; it is not something you have to acquire. In the spiritual life also, when you want to make a major decision regarding your earthly life — marriage and so forth — go to a spiritual person in whom you have faith. He will be able to enter into your soul and bring to the fore the real message from your soul. He will be able to tell you whether the marriage is a good idea or not.

But if one is not among the chosen few, this doesn’t mean that he will never be. Today he is not among them, but tomorrow he has every possibility of becoming one of them. In the spiritual life a time will come when the seeker will have more aspiration, abundant aspiration, boundless, infinite aspiration. When he has constant, burning aspiration, naturally he will become one of the chosen few. At that time, he can solve his own problems. But right now, if one feels he does not have the necessary capacity to solve his earthly problems, then it is advisable for him to go to a spiritual Master, who is bound to give him the correct message.