Question: What Is God? Where is He?

Sri Chinmoy: God is everywhere. But if we do not see Him or feel Him inside our hearts, then we will not be able to see Him anywhere. First, we have to see Him within us and talk to Him inside our hearts. If we do this, then only will we be able to see God elsewhere also. If inside our heart God is missing, then we shall not be able to see God anywhere and we shall not be able to speak to God or mix with God.

Now, what is God? God is both formless and with form. He is pure energy and, at the same time, He is the most luminous form. He is endless energy and beginningless energy; and He is also the most luminous form. God is both water and ice. Some people like water, while others like ice. Again, some people at times like to drink water and at times like to have ice.

It depends on the seeker and what he wants. He may want to see God in a human form — but as absolutely divine, supreme, perfect. He feels that if there is a form, then it will be easier for him to recognise God or realise God. So he likes to see the personal God. But again, if one says that he wants to go beyond the personal God, beyond form, beyond duality and remain always in the infinite Peace, Light and Bliss, that also can be done. And the same seeker can in the morning ask for God with form-attributes and in the evening cry for God as formless, boundless energy.