Question: People at the United Nations, in our offices, think of the Meditation Group as a family. Is that a helpful attitude?

Sri Chinmoy: Here at the United Nations we are trying to have a world family. If we can have a feeling of family, even with forty or fifty members, that is a great achievement. We do not have any dogmatic attitude. We do not say that if you do not accept our Meditation Group, then you will not be able to go to Heaven, or if you do not accept our Meditation Group, then there will be no perfection in your life. That we will never say. Only we pray and meditate and try to offer our dedicated service. Our family is not a religion; our family is only a conscious dedication to the Supreme in each individual. On the strength of our prayer and dedication we have formed a small family. We are not preaching or advocating any specific religion. But if others feel that we have a sweet, harmonious family, and that this family is not standing in their way at all, then they can also join us if they wish. Today our family is small, but tomorrow our family will become big, very big. This will happen not because we have converted people, but because we have inspired people to lead a better life, a more illumining and fulfilling life.