Question: How can we overcome our ego-motivated life and self-centredness?

Sri Chinmoy: We can transcend our self-centredness or our ego-motivated life if we just feel that we are of the One who embodies the many. We must feel that our existence all by itself is fruitless. No matter what we do, what we say, what we grow into, what we achieve, it is all valueless unless we feel that we are of the One who embodies the many and that we are of the many who have to fulfil the One.

When we pray, when we meditate, we have to feel that our achievements are meaningful and fruitful only when it is dedicated joint effort that has brought about our success. When we want to see the Face of God without our friends, without our dear ones, we have to know that the Face of God that we will see at that time cannot satisfy us. If we do not carry the members of our family to our destination, then we shall never have satisfaction. We belong to a large family and if we carry the members of our family consciously and devotedly, then we can be fulfilled and satisfied. In this way only can we overcome our ego, our self-centred emotions.