Question: What can we do to bring God to people in the world?

Sri Chinmoy: We are living in a godless world. What can we do for lovers of God who want to bring Truth and Light to earth, who want to bring God the Supreme to earth? We have to start with ourselves, in ourselves. We may see an individual standing in front of us who does not believe in God, who doubts the existence of God. But before dealing with him, we have to deal with ourselves.

We have the body, vital, mind and heart. Let us start by focusing our attention on the physical plane. As soon as we focus our attention on the physical plane, we see that we have lethargy, that we mix with ignorance. Then we focus our attention on the vital and we see that our vital is like a hungry wolf that wants to devour the world. But what we want from our vital is dynamism and dynamic truth, not aggression. Julius Caesar said, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Our vital says, “I came, I saw and I became.” I came and I saw imperfection and then I became one with it here in the world of imperfection.

Then we concentrate on the mind. When we concentrate on the mind, we see that the mind is constantly doubting — doubting even our own existence. What can we do? The mind is doubting the reality within us, the reality around us. This moment the mind says I am a good man, the next moment it says I am a very bad man and the following moment it is unable to decide whether I am good or bad. The mind is always uncertain and unable to accept the Truth and Light.

We also have a heart. This heart, on the strength of its inseparable oneness with the Absolute, can become all-divinity. But right now this heart is all-insecurity. The heart says, “God, I am not getting the thing that I want,” or, “I want something to be done and it is not getting done.” All the time the heart is singing the song of insecurity. But this same heart, on the strength of its oneness-capacity, can become one with the Universal Heart.

When I, as an individual, focus my attention on myself, I see tremendous imperfection, a tremendous need for perfection-light. Each individual must concentrate first on himself, because there is tremendous imperfection inside him. Even though the world around him may have much more imperfection than he has, as long as he is imperfect even in an infinitesimal measure, he will not be in a position to teach others. A school teacher who has more knowledge than his students can teach them, even though he doesn’t have the highest degree. But in the spiritual life we are making a terrible mistake if we try to teach others without being illumined ourselves. Here we are dealing with the life-principle of the individual. In school we are teaching history, geography or another particular subject, but that particular subject is not an individual’s entire life; it is not his life of God-realisation.

So when we see a godless attitude in someone, we have to be aware of our own capacity or incapacity. If we can perfect ourselves on the strength of our inner cry, our aspiration, our love of Truth and Light, then we as individuals will no longer belong to the world of imperfection. I as an individual will not belong to the world of imperfection. You as an individual will create your own world of perfection. She will create her world of perfection. In that way there will be three undivine souls less in the world and the world will be blessed with three divine souls, three divine soldiers, three divine instruments of God. Today you become perfect, tomorrow he becomes perfect, the next day I become perfect. In this way it progresses from one to many, and the whole world becomes perfect.

When we as individuals become good, divine and perfect, the world around us sooner or later becomes perfect, for the light that we have will not remain inside us. It will have its own spontaneous wave of self-expression. Then, with our light we will be able to see that the world around us, the world of imperfection, is being transformed and illumined. For the outer world is not outside us; it is within us. We have a mind and others in the world have a mind; but ultimately it is the same mind. The world that we see is actually inside us; it is in our mind, in our vital, in our body, in our heart. So when we become perfect within, the world without also becomes perfect.