Question: What is the relationship between Yoga and religion?

Sri Chinmoy: Yoga is not a religion: Yoga embodies all religions. Religion has its own specific view of the truth. In religion we do not get the feeling of universal oneness. But when we accept Yoga, it is all oneness. Yoga embraces all religions. It sees religion as a house. You live in your house, I live in my house, he lives in his house. But when it is time to study, we all leave our houses and go to the same school. So Yoga is a school. Yoga is in no conflict whatsoever with religion. You come from your house, I come from my house and we shall study together.

Yoga will never say that this house is very bad or that house is very bad. Yoga will only say that God is in everything. But in some cases God is fully manifested in a divine way, and in some cases He is not.