Part III

FW 228-231. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions during a meeting of the Meditation Group on 21 September 1976.

Question: How can we stay in the heart when we are doing tasks which involve the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: We can remain in the heart, even when the mind is necessary to perform specific tasks, if we know that we are not the mind or the body or the vital, but the heart. If we know that we are nothing but the heart and that we have nothing but the heart, then automatically everything that we do is being done in and through the heart. Now we feel that we have a mind, we have a vital, we have a body, we have a heart and we have a soul. But if we feel that we have only one thing, the heart, then naturally we will use only that one thing when we want to achieve something or give something.

If we feel that we have many levels of being then naturally we will be tempted, we will be inspired to use all these when we feel it is necessary. But if we can make ourselves feel that what we have and what we are is the aspiring heart, then the consciousness of the heart will come to the fore and inundate the whole body from top to bottom, from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head. If I repeat, “I am the heart, I am the heart,” then we will only have the heart’s consciousness no matter what we do. Then the problem of the mind’s involvement in our activities will not arise. For we are not using the mind as such; we are using only the thing that we claim to be our own, our very own, and that is the heart.

So if you always think of yourself as the all-loving heart, all-illumining heart, then the heart itself will take care of the so-called problems that we face every day in our multifarious activities.