Question: What is the seeker's responsibility at the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: The seeker’s responsibility at the United Nations is to pray and meditate — to pray for and meditate on those who have served or are still serving the United Nations most devotedly and soulfully. Former Secretaries-General Dag Hammarskjold, U Thant and those who have served or who are serving the United Nations in any capacity should receive soulful prayers and gratitude from the seekers who are now serving the United Nations. Also, the seeker must pray for all the countries that are singing the unity-song at the United Nations, for each individual member of the United Nations. Again, the seeker at the United Nations should pray for those who will serve the United Nations in the future. That is to say, they should try to connect the past, present and future — past glory, present promise and future achievements. Glory, promise and achievements must be united together by the seeker, and to do that the seeker has to pray for the departed souls or for the souls who have served the United Nations in the past, and for those who are still serving, and for those who will join the United Nations and sing the unity-song in the future.