Question: There seems to be a movement towards a mental realisation where countries are starting to work with parapsychology and mind control. Is this a step towards the heart or away from the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Parapsychology and mind control need not help a sincere seeker. We cannot say that they cannot help, but we can say that they need not help the seeker who believes in the heart. One can control the mind, but from mind control or parapsychology one may not get even an iota of oneness with reality, which the heart can easily acquire by virtue of its aspiration.

Mind control is one subject and the heart’s acceptance and the heart’s oneness are a different subject. By controlling the mind, one can make fast progress in almost every walk of life. But that is not enough in order to have supreme oneness with God the Creator and God the creation. Undoubtedly it helps the seeker to some extent, but that is not the direct way to establish oneness with the supreme Reality. In order to establish the supreme oneness with the highest Reality, one has to aspire, one has to meditate and one has to dedicate oneself totally.