Mr. Robert Muller: I often feel that all my speaking and writing is just a drop of water on an infertile field of blindness and disbelief. What more can we do? What would you suggest?

Sri Chinmoy: Revered brother, your speaking-world and your writing-world are not a drop of water. Far from it! They are the oceans of life-transforming light. Today’s “infertile field of blindness and disbelief” need not and cannot remain so forever, for God’s Vision of the infinite Beyond is infinitely more powerful than the man-made blindness and disbelief of a barren field of confusing unreality.

What more can we do? We can try to climb up untiringly God’s Patience-Tower and watch from the highest Height and wait on the highest Height for God’s God-Hour to strike. At God’s choice Hour, the stark blindness and rank disbelief of humanity will be inundated with the ever-illumining Light and ever-immortalising Delight of Eternity’s Beyond, which is slowly, steadily and unerringly manifesting itself on our earth-planet. When God’s choice Hour strikes, we two and others who are sailing in the same boat will offer tears of sleepless gratitude to our Source, our Beloved Supreme, who out of His boundless Bounty has made us His illumining Vision-seers and His fulfilling Reality-pioneers.