Question: Do you think it is possible to change the United Nations organisation without changing the Member States? If so, of what use would be the existence of such a closed circuit?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not necessary to change the Member States in order to change the United Nations organisation. One may call the Member States a closed circuit and, from a particular point of view, one may be justified in saying so. But from a different angle if we see the situation, then we can say that when there is a large body or organisation, within the large body there has to be a smaller body to organise the thing. If all the countries were equal, and everybody held the same status, then there would be no organisation. When there is a school, there is one teacher and many students. It is not a hierarchy in an authoritarian sense; only it is a necessity. If we build a house, then we need an engineer and an architect, and also a few workers. If everybody does the job of the architect, then there will be no workers to build the house.

In such a big organisation as the United Nations, some countries have to shoulder more responsibility than other countries, so naturally they will have more voice. If everybody became the king, then there would be no subjects. Here I am not saying that some Member States are kings; only some should come forward to show light to others. If everybody had light, then everyone would be in Heaven. At that time earth would be Heaven itself. But this is not the case. Again, all the countries should be more sympathetic and develop greater oneness. Then it would be an ideal situation.