Question: Is the Supreme pleased with the world progress?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, the Supreme is pleased with the world progress. Again, the Supreme believes in continuous progress. Whatever the world has already achieved has pleased Him, but He expects something more, and that something more has to be achieved by the sincere efforts of the United Nations, that is to say, by the people who work at the U.N., the people who love the U.N. and the people who are one with the ideals and the goals of the U.N. We can achieve what the Supreme wants by virtue of our joint efforts in the field of aspiration and dedication.

We believe in the world’s continuous progress. For that continuous progress we have to aspire and dedicate ourselves more to the cause of the United Nations. Satisfaction is not a finished product. If we have come up to a certain standard, then our progress becomes like a stagnant pool; only in continuous progress do we find satisfaction. First we come up to a certain standard, which is what we originally wanted. Then we look around and see that somebody else has achieved something higher, something deeper, and we also try to do the same. It is not out of jealousy or a feeling of competition, no; only it is an inner urge that makes us want to try to surpass ourselves, to surpass our own capacities.

So the Supreme is definitely pleased with the sincere aspiration and dedication that the United Nations has offered so far to Him. But again, this achievement or this offering is not enough, for the Supreme wants continuous progress. Therefore, we have to make a special effort to make more progress if we want to please Him continuously.