Question: What role will the United Nations ultimately play in the spiritual transformation of humanity?

Sri Chinmoy: As far as I can see in my own experience, the ultimate role of the United Nations in the spiritual transformation of humanity will lie in its recognition of the capacity of spirituality. Spirituality has the message of peace and the capacity to bring about peace all over the world. The seeker-members who are working at the United Nations will ultimately come to realise that it is spirituality that will bring about harmony, peace, light and bliss. Spirituality here means the discovery of inner oneness. If one does not first discover inner oneness, then one will not be able to discover, realise or manifest the outer oneness through politics or any other means of bringing about peace. Spirituality is the foundation; if there is no foundation-stone, the house will collapse.

In the inner world we have to feel our oneness first. The inner world is the world of the heart and the outer world is the world of the mind. Ultimately the mental approach will have to enter into the psychic approach. First we have to discover and establish our oneness completely and unmistakably in the heart through spirituality, and then this same discovery and same achievement of oneness can be brought to the fore. At that time we shall see in the outer world of division, harmony and peace, light and bliss. So, the importance, necessity and capacity of spirituality must be recognised and valued by the seeker-servers at the United Nations.