Appendix: these quotes, from other writings of Sri Chinmoy, were included in the first editions.

"Arise! Your Lord Supreme is crying for you.
  Awake! Your Lord Supreme is waiting for you in the Sea of transcendental Consciousness.
  Walk! Your Lord Supreme is expecting your sure and safe arrival.
  March! It is you who will realise your Lord Supreme in this very life.
  Run! It is you who will fulfil your Lord Supreme in this life of yours here on earth.
  Fly! Yours is the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond."

"When your friends say that you are the greatest aspirant, be sure to correct and perfect them.
  When your enemies say that you are the lowest aspirant, don’t hesitate to correct and perfect yourself.
  Remember, in either case you are not the loser.
  In your own perfection your enemies do not derive any benefit.
  When you make your friends perfect to assess you properly, you don’t lose anything.
  Be correct and perfect; you will be able to fulfil God in you.
  Correct and perfect others; you will fulfil them in God."

"What my mind has is limited learned knowledge.
  What I am is an unlimited source of light."

"An act of sweet pardon helps me to be really brave.
  An act of anger helps me to see my own grave dug by me alone."

"God exists. We don’t have to invent Him. Our mouth at least dares to prove God’s existence.
  But alas, peace does not exist on earth. Let us try to invent peace."

"Action is our peaceful realisation.
  Action is our peaceful fulfilment.
  Action is our peaceful manifestation."

"Religion and philosophy fulfil and are complementary to each other.
  Religion without philosophy is brainless.
  Philosophy without religion is heartless."

"I thought of God. God smiled.
  I prayed to God. God cried.
  I meditated on God. God became my real God."

"After you have enjoyed your life, your name becomes frustration.
  After you have employed your life, your name becomes realisation."

"To love man is my only duty.
  To love God is my only necessity.
  To become God the Dream is my only certainty.
  To become God the Reality is my only inevitability."