Question: If hostile forces attack you, does it reduce your karma?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have done something wrong, then only you can say it is the law of karma. Otherwise, it is only misfortune if somebody comes and robs you. But just because you are innocent, do you think that you will get an abundant supply of wealth just because you were robbed? Somebody has done you a favour by stealing your things. It is not your fault, but somebody out of malicious feeling has stolen from you. Do you think that immediately you will get a fresh supply of the things that were taken? No, it is not like that. If you have done something good, if you have prayed and meditated, then God will bless you with divine qualities. But when you lose something, outwardly you will not always be compensated. You have to know that there are hostile forces hovering around. They attack and attack; they are out of control. If some naughty boy comes and strikes you and you have not disobeyed your mother or done anything wrong, it means that he has become a conscious or unconscious instrument of some undivine forces.