Question: How did we ever lose God?

Sri Chinmoy: God is within and without. We have not lost God; it is only that we do not care for Him. It is up to us to decide what to eat. If we don't want to eat a particular food, if we feel that it is not meant for us, then how can we go and blame others when we don't eat it? Food in this case, is God-realisation. It is there for us, but we don't want it. Right in front of us are both ignorance and knowledge. Unfortunately, we make friends with ignorance; that is why we live in constant doubt. If we remain in the soul, then we see and feel our constant oneness with God. But instead, we stay in the physical mind, which is totally unlit. It does not know anything. What we say one minute the mind will doubt or forget the next minute, because the mind is all ignorance. But if we remain in the soul, then even what we did hundreds of years ago in past incarnations, we will know.

He who lives in the soul, he who cares for God and cries for God, will never say that he has lost God. The moment a child cries for something, he gets it from his father. If we cry for Peace, Light and Bliss from our Eternal Father, then He will give it to us. If we cry for God, then He will come before us. So nothing is denied us; only we do not care for it. If we don't feel a sincere need for God, then we say that there is no God. But if we cry for God and feel our need for God, then we will see that we never lost God at all.