Part V

FW 430-436. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions at the 11 and 15 August meetings of the Meditation Group.

Question: Sometimes I feel that I regress just as I am beginning to make progress. Why is this?

Sri Chinmoy: You know the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together". You have many friends. In the spiritual life also you need friends. Today you may be disappointed but there is someone, a friend, near you who will lift you up. Tomorrow you may have to lift her up. It is absolutely necessary to have spiritual friends. You can create friends overnight in the ordinary world. But to have a true spiritual friend is God's true blessing which you will treasure.

Sometimes in spite of your earnest aspiration to feed your soul, you don't have enough inner wealth. How are you going to buy the aspiration necessary to feed your soul? You have to go to a place where spiritual people are praying and meditating. They will help you immensely, and you will be able to help them. You will speak to them on the phone, you will be with them and mix with them, and you will see that you are throwing abundant light on their life of aspiration. If you feel that it is impossible to be under the guidance of a spiritual Master, you will need the company of spiritual friends.

Eventually, you will feel the necessity of finding someone who can consciously feed your soul, a spiritual Master. He has the capacity to feed your soul and when he does so, you will see that everything goes right. Your inner world is flooded with joy and delight. If you want to remain in the highest, purest joy, then you must follow the path of a spiritual Master. He makes a conscious promise to your soul and to your outer being that he is responsible for your outer and inner life. He will make you feel that the outer and the inner must go together. The inner must energise the entire being so that the outer will fulfil its role.

Yoga and life can never be separated. What life wants is fulfilment, and this takes millions of years. But if Yoga is accepted, it expedites the process. What would take twenty years to get, you can achieve in two years or even two seconds if you follow Yoga. Yoga means union with God's Will. Yoga greatly expedites realisation. Since God is omniscient and omnipotent, God can give you what He wishes in a matter of seconds. If you do not enter into the spiritual life, it will take you thousands of incarnations to realise God. But if you follow Yoga devotedly under the guidance of a God-realised spiritual Master, then in one or two or three incarnations you are bound to get realisation.

If you feel that your outer life is one thing and Yoga is something else, then you are making a Himalayan mistake. Yoga is conscious oneness with God's entire existence. So if you want to expedite your soul's journey and make faster progress in your outer life, as well as your inner life, Yoga is the answer. When God's Will becomes your will, you can achieve everything sooner than at once. If your will is not one with God's Will, then no matter how hard you work or how sincere you are, it will be impossible for you to attain to your highest.

In conclusion, you will never regress if you accept Yoga, the path of inner discipline. Union with God is the fulfilment of the soul in the inner life as well as in the outer life.