Appendix: these quotes, from other writings of Sri Chinmoy, were included in the first editions.

"The mightiest Power is the highest Compassion.
  This highest Compassion is at once God the Quality and God the Quantity.
  To realise God one needs God the Quality.
  To help the world realise God one needs God the Quantity."

"Mind forgets but never forgives.
  Heart forgives but never forgets.
  Soul forgives and forgets all at once."

"He conquers who loves.
  He loves who feels.
  He feels who sacrifices.
  He sacrifices who aspires.
  He aspires who serves God in man."

"To conceal one’s own ability is no virtue.
  To reveal one’s own ability is no crime.
  Not to fulfil God’s Will on earth is the clear indication of the death of virtue and the undeniable birth of crime in one’s life of aspiration."

"Love will outlive the destructive mind.
  Devotion will outlive the uncertain heart.
  Surrender will outlive the negative life."

"Mind preaches more than it actually teaches.
  Heart teaches more than it usually preaches.
  The soul neither preaches nor teaches. It only learns. It learns the meaning of creation from God Himself."

"A seeker’s struggling mind needs the right path.
  A seeker’s searching heart needs the right teacher.
  A seeker’s aspiring soul needs the right God."