Question: How do you eradicate negativities and imperfections in the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no negativity in the soul. The soul is all divinity and perfection. The soul is our divine, immortal existence on earth; its source is Light. The soul carries the message of perfection within us.

We feel that whatever is inside our heart is the soul, but this is not true. Inside our heart is the vital as well, and inside the vital is a lower vital, an aggressive vital, a destructive vital. Since we are not aware of the presence of the soul, whatever we feel inside our body, vital and mind we take as the soul. There are many wrong, undivine tendencies and movements within us, but these have nothing to do with the soul. What we should actually feel is that these are enemies that have entered into our living room. We wanted to have only our friends, but in an unguarded moment we opened the door and at that time our enemies entered. These enemies we have to either transform or throw out. We cannot stay with them unless we can transform them into our true friends.

How can we do this? We do it through conscious and continuous effort. When we want to learn something, we practise or study for hours and hours. Similarly, if we want to be perfect in our life of aspiration, then we have to pray and meditate. When our prayer goes up, it reaches the highest Height. And when we meditate most soulfully, Peace, Light and Bliss descend into us in abundant measure. If we want to know how we can perfect our nature, then we have to bring to the fore the presence of the soul. Then these wrong forces within us are automatically illumined and perfected.