Appendix: these quotes, from other writings of Sri Chinmoy, were included in the first editions.

"I came from God with God to see the Feet of His descending Grace.
  I shall go from man to man to see the Goal of his ascending face."

"To define God is to confine God.
  To fear God is to tear God."

"It matters not how Truth was created, but why Truth was created. Truth was created by God Himself to energise His Vision and to manifest His Reality."

"Men of capacity the world needs.
  Men of receptivity God needs."

"When I concentrate, I care about God.
  When I meditate, God cares about me.
  When I contemplate, my perfected inner wisdom cares about God, and God’s infinite ocean of Light cares about me."

"To know the value of love is to buy the Kingdom of Delight.
  To know the value of Delight is to buy back one’s own true Self."

"Difficulties consciously tell an unaspiring soul what he is. Difficulties unconsciously show an aspiring soul what he eventually can be."

"Life is my outer evolution.
  Truth is my inner revolution."