Question: Does the peace that you bring down during the meditations in the conference rooms have any effect on the delegates who do not attend these meetings?

Sri Chinmoy: All those who are at the United Nations have definitely come to bring about peace. But some people consciously run towards the goal, while others unconsciously run. If somebody consciously runs, naturally his progress will be swifter and more convincing. If someone wants to consciously partake of the fruit that we bring down with our soulful aspiration, then that person gets more nourishment and more confidence and he feels the all-fulfilling love, which is peace. On Fridays when we pray and meditate here for peace, it does help the United Nations' aspiration. Sometimes I do feel that it affects the delegates who do not come here. But, forgive me, I have to say that for those who do not come here and do not consciously aspire for peace as we do, the effect cannot be the same. Here, all those who are coming to bring down peace from Above undoubtedly get infinitely more than those who do not attend these meetings. But we have to know that when we pray and meditate here, it is not only for the seekers who are here, but it is for everyone. We are like a father. The father works and then he shares his money with his family. So here, also, we are limited members of the world family. Whatever we earn, we try to share with others.