Question: Does the psychic being have certain fixed characteristics, like age, or does it grow and change along with the person?

Sri Chinmoy: The psychic being is constantly in the process of evolution. But if you are interested in its so-called physical characteristics, then I wish to say that in a human being you will see it growing from a young child into a youth of about twenty-two years. But this is psychic age, not human age. When we see a young man of say twenty or twenty-two, he is fully mature. A person usually does not gain physical strength after that age. But the psychic being constantly acquires strength, strength, strength. The psychic being is not like a human being, who deteriorates and becomes old after forty, fifty, sixty years. The strength of the psychic being will always increase and increase. But its basic characteristics it sometimes retains and sometimes does not. It depends on how the psychic being wants to please the Supreme, the Inner Pilot. Some psychic beings feel that by keeping their characteristics they will be able to know their own way of operating. But some psychic beings do not care for this individuality. They say, “We won’t have any characteristics of our own. At every moment we shall be moulded by the divine Light. The divine Light will do everything for us.” The psychic being and the soul do not have infinite Power. Infinite Power, infinite Light, infinite Bliss only the Supreme has. So when abundant Light, infinite Light from Above descends into the psychic being, the psychic being automatically loses its own characteristics and personality, even though that personality is divine. The psychic being is very, very beautiful, extremely beautiful. You cannot express it in words or imagine it. Some psychic beings prefer to express themselves through Beauty, some through Love, some through Power, some through Bliss and some through the many other divine qualities. If you see that someone is very kind to people, always loving, always affectionate, then the psychic being is probably trying to express its Light through him in the form of divine Love. If someone shows the power aspect all the time — not the power that destroys but the power that energises and helps others — then his psychic being wants to express itself through Power. Like the soul, each psychic being wants to offer or manifest the ultimate Truth in a specific way. Also, as some souls want to manifest the Supreme in two ways, psychic beings may also do the same.