Question: Is there a way to make realisation shorter?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two roads. One is the road of the mind; the other is the road of the heart. The road of the heart is a short cut. If we walk along the mind-road, very often we will have doubts. We will doubt our own aspiration, we will doubt our own experiences and we will doubt our own feeling for God. This moment we love God, the next moment we may not love God because God has not fulfilled our desires. On the mind-path we are constantly contradicting our own thoughts. This moment we are saying that the path is very good and making progress; the next moment, when our desires are not fulfilled and doubts enter into us, our progress stops.

The other path is the path of the heart. Once we love God, we jump into the sea of Peace, Light and Bliss. Like a drop that enters into the mighty ocean, we feel that we have become the ocean itself. If we use the mind, it will immediately doubt: “I will be destroyed in such a vast ocean.” But the heart will say, “No, I will jump. If I jump I will not be lost. I will only become the Infinite.” The heart is a child and a child always has faith in his parents. So if we have a Master, we will have faith in him, and we also will have faith in God, for God always will be doing the best for us. This is what we feel if we follow the path of the heart. The path of the heart is the shortest path.