Question: Which is better: one first-class perfect disciple or a million disciples of other classes?

Sri Chinmoy: One perfect disciple is infinitely more important than thousands and millions of lesser disciples. The only thing is, the perfect disciple that you will get is bound to come from that one million. He will not come ready-made, just thrown down from Heaven. No, it is like evolution. We come from the animal kingdom at one time we were monkeys, donkeys, horses and so on. Now, there is such a difference. We have undivine qualities, but they are being transformed. When a human being conquers his undivine qualities, then he becomes divine. This transformation does not take place overnight.

You have had many, many animal lives and many human lives. Human life is, to some extent, more perfect than the animal life. But the divine life that you are growing into is coming slowly and steadily; it does not come all at once. In comparison, we are more divine, but we have to know that greater perfection comes from lesser perfection. A tiger's perfection is to devour many animals for food. But God's Perfection is showing Love, Compassion and Concern.

To come back to your question, one absolutely first-class disciple is a rarity in God's creation. But spiritual Masters have infinite appreciation, compassion, love, concern and pride for what the closest disciples have done. So on the spur of the moment they may say someone is a perfect disciple, but both they and the disciples know in their hearts if they are perfect instruments.