Question: How can I best serve you?

Sri Chinmoy: You can serve me best if you can all the time think of me, pray to me and meditate on me. When I say ‘me’, I mean the Supreme in me, who is your Guru, my Guru, everybody’s Guru. Try to feel that I am not only your best friend but also your only friend, here on earth and there in Heaven. Your wife is here, but she has to forgive me; I am your only friend. But if I tell you that there is someone else whom I want also to be your friend, and that is your wife, then you have to believe me. You will see her as a very good friend, your best friend. But you have to know that I am your best friend in Heaven and on earth for Eternity. I am not only your best friend for Eternity, but also your only friend for Eternity. You can get rid of all your unfortunate experiences of life only by constantly feeling that I am your only friend.