Question: What is the difference between Avatars and partial Avatars?

Sri Chinmoy: According to some spiritual Masters, partial Avatars may feel at times that they have lost the reality which they have achieved. They may become inwardly disturbed, puzzled or afraid. Partial Avatars are not sure twenty-four hours a day of their inner divinity and inner achievements. In the inner world they at times feel that they are still searching for something and that they do not know inwardly who they are. But a full Avatar, someone who has absolutely the highest and fullest God-Realisation, will never be disturbed, puzzled or afraid. He constantly knows what is happening in the inner world.

Unfortunately, some Masters think that previous Avatars were not even Yogis. When Avatars see from Heaven that others are criticising them, then in the inner world they give serious punishment. If a Master unnecessarily criticises an Avatar, even if the Avatar being criticised does not have even twenty disciples, the cosmic law will take revenge.