Question: Can a Master guide new disciples after he has left this earth?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, it is possible. Look at the Christ, for example. Great Masters such as the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha, Ramakrishna and others can and do guide their followers; they have a free access to the earth-consciousness no matter where they are. But ordinary spiritual Masters — there are so many teachers, swamis and so on — cannot do it. There are some who cannot even guide their disciples when they are on earth. They have millions of disciples and they do not even have the power to guide them even when they are right in front of their noses. So how can they hope to guide them when they are in Heaven?

Also, it depends on the disciple. If it is a real first-class disciple who is always thinking of the Master, and meditating on the Master, then it is much easier for the Master to guide that disciple. But if it is a fourth-class disciple, who is all the time occupied with worldly thoughts and ideas, then how can the Master make him conscious of his guidance? So it depends upon the calibre of the Master, and the receptivity of the disciple.