6. Self-forgetfulness

My sweetest Lord Supreme,
Is self-forgetfulness
A divine blessing
An animal curse?

“Self-forgetfulness can never be
A curse.
It can only be
A sad experience
In a seeker’s ever-running and
Transcending journey
To the Beyond.
The self-forgetfulness of the puny “I”
Is a blessing supreme indeed,
As the self-remembrance of the giant “I”
Is an unparalleled blessing
On the seeker’s march along the path
Of reality’s space.
Forget the sad and the saddening past;
Remember the illumining and the illumined present.
Accelerate the birth and the life-flow
Of the fast-approaching future-noon.
Before the dawn of realisation-height,
Self-forgetfulness at times saves
The seeker’s inner sky
And outer moon.
After the birth of realisation-height,
Self-forgetfulness in the heart
Of a Master divine
Is the zenith of impossibility remote.”