Question: Guru, when we see in you what appears to be a new beauty, is there a special significance?

Sri Chinmoy: When you see in me a new beauty, there can be many reasons. I may have entered into a world of beauty, or my soul at that time may want to offer some light to seekers who will receive it according to their capacity. This light can be felt by one person's physical mind as beauty and it can be felt by someone else as power. Whether it is seen as beauty or power, it will be able to elevate your consciousness. If your physical mind sees light as beauty, and if somebody else's mind sees it as power, there is a special reason. On that particular day, if something has happened to bring ugliness into your life, then you need beauty; so you will see beauty. Somebody else may have felt insecure or might have done something wrong on that day, so if he sees my power aspect he won't make the same mistake again.