Question: When we want to create, how can we invoke beauty to inspire us?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us imagine a bird that is flying in the firmament. It is constantly flying, flying. When we look at the bird, immediately we are fascinated by its capacity. We cannot fly, but we have the capacity to identify ourselves with its action. If we look at the bird while we are in a meditative mood, we feel as if we are also flying. At that time, our inner being is flying; our aspiration is flying.

When you want to create something, you want to invoke beauty to inspire you. So at that time, you have to identify yourself with someone who is creating. You want to do something unique, but the type of thing that you want to do somebody has already done or is doing. Only you want to surpass him. So try to identify yourself with the consciousness of the person who has already done the thing or with the person himself, and try to get inspiration, aspiration and capacity from him.

If you want to write something spiritual, read my writings and identify with them. If you want to draw something, take your ideal artist and identify with his creation. But you have to be careful. An artist may have a very bad character. His creations may be divine, but his character may be undivine. In that case, don't identify with the creator but identify with the creation only. If you identify with a creation of beauty, that beauty will inspire you to create something beautiful. Identify, identify, identify. Identification is not imitation. Far from it! But if you identify with something and get the capacity or quality or essence of that thing, then you can develop it and increase it in your own way.