Question: Guru, purity and beauty seem to have a feminine quality, whereas power and dynamism seem to have a masculine quality. Can you speak about this?

Sri Chinmoy: This is all in the mind. Just go one inch above the mind and you will see that purity and beauty, and power and dynamism, are neither masculine nor feminine. The mind makes these separations like feminine and masculine. But once we go beyond the mind, there is nothing of that sort. With the mind we judge things, and this becomes masculine and that becomes feminine. In French my head becomes “la tête”, and my nose becomes “le nez”. So my head is feminine and my nose is masculine. But this is all arbitrary. That is why the Indian term for God, “Brahman”, is neuter. The highest realisation of all Indian Seers was that God is neither masculine nor feminine. Beyond the mind there is no such thing as masculine and feminine. Even the soul is neither masculine nor feminine. It is absolutely neuter.