Part III — How to know God

Question: Can one know the achievements of God through the intellect alone?

Sri Chinmoy: Through the intellect alone, one can never, never, never, never, never know the achievements of God. It is impossible! God's true Existence, true Height, true Heart, is millions and billions of miles away from the intellectual domain. Again, we can't say that God doesn't exist in the intellect. No. God is omnipresent. We can't say that God is not here or God is not there. But if one wants to know God's highest Height, His deepest Depth, His all-pervading Consciousness, then one can never know these through the intellect. The intellect is the helper. When we enter into the human creation, intellect does help us. Without intellect, we would all remain brainless sheep. But there comes a time in our evolution when we see the limitations of intellect. On the mental plane there is no peace. Your intellect is fighting against my intellect; two naked swords are fighting against each other. But these swords can never cut asunder the wall of ignorance which is blocking the inner Light, the Light Supreme. For that, we have to go far beyond the intellect.