Question: I feel that the Supreme is displeased with me and that He is going to desert me.

Sri Chinmoy: It is all wrong. It is only we humans who become displeased. The Supreme is not displeased with you. He has many more things to do than to be displeased with you or me. He has no time to be displeased with us.

We have to know that everybody in this world will disappoint us, except the Supreme. You have to forgive me, but I tell you that your husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father — all will disappoint you. Only the Supreme will not disappoint us. The husband and wife enter the spiritual life together. But there will come a time when the husband goes very fast and the wife says, "Oh, he is going so fast. I am totally lost." Then jealousy starts. When both are running at the same speed, they are very good friends. But then tomorrow the husband will go two steps ahead and immediately the whole world collapses for the wife. Very often it has happened to both husbands and wives. But if we feel that the Supreme is taking us to the goal, if we have faith in the Supreme only, then we are safe. It is absolutely true that we have to depend on human beings; we have to have faith in people. But we depend on human beings because we realise that inside them, God is there. Our faith should be in the Supreme in others. So we have to know that we are trusting someone not because he is good, not because he is great, not because he has done this or achieved that. No, we are trusting him just because we feel inside him the presence of the Supreme. But if we forget about the Supreme and trust someone because he is nice or kind, then no matter how nice or kind he is, we will be disappointed; we will be deserted. But if we see the Supreme inside him, this cannot happen. Even if someone deserts us, even if someone disappoints us, we will have faith that the Supreme in him has not deserted us. Right now his outer existence has disappointed us, the human in him has deserted us. But the Supreme in him will never desert us.

So if we have faith in the individual, then we will be disappointed. But inside the individual is the Supreme, who is your Guru, my Guru, everybody's Guru. Think only of Him. Trust only Him. Then, even if the person disappoints you or deserts you on the outer plane, you will not be miserable.