Question: How can Infinity transcend itself?

Sri Chinmoy: Again, you are using the mind. We say that God is infinite. But "infinite" is a term that the mind is using. It is like saying that the form is just so big, just up to that particular point which we call infinite. Then the mind immediately asks, "Is it larger than this?" And then the mind makes another jump. In this way the mind goes on trying to bind that which cannot be bound. But when you use the heart, you realise that something can be infinite and, at the same time, it can transcend itself.

God is transcending Himself all the time because He feels that this is the only way He can enjoy freedom. And this freedom He can use in the form of Peace, Joy, Love, anything. Only we have to know which reality we are dealing with. If it is the physical reality, then your height is fixed. Flesh, blood, muscles, nerves: this is your reality and it will die. But the soul's reality is constantly evolving, evolving, evolving, evolving, evolving.

Sri Chinmoy, God and the cosmic game.First published by Agni Press in 1977.

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