22. Question: What is the purpose of suffering?

Sri Chinmoy: The explanation of suffering is twofold. On the human level, suffering purifies. Although suffering is not our goal, through suffering we try to become pure. We don't want to do the same thing again and again for which we are suffering. But on the spiritual plane, suffering is not necessary. There, from light to more light, abundant light, infinite Light we go, from a little love to more love, abundant love, infinite Love. At that time, there is no suffering.

Right now we do not love the truth in us; we do not love the real in us. That is why we suffer. On the physical plane, on the human level, when we love something unreal, we suffer. If suffering comes to us, what can we do? We have to make the best out of it. We have to take it as something unavoidable or as a blessing. It is a blessing in the sense that we have to derive some advantage or some benefit from it. The benefit we derive is that we will not repeat the same error, we will not commit the same mistake again and again.

If we are suffering, we have to be conscious of the mistake we have made. By being conscious of our mistake, automatically a sense of purification dawns in us. But in order to achieve purity, we do not have to go through suffering. No! For God-realisation, suffering is not necessary. What is needed is love of Truth, love of Light. Again I wish to tell you with all my spiritual knowledge that from light to more light we shall go. If we allow light to enter into us and light to remain inside us, then there will not be any suffering.