July 1987

My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,
My Lord Supreme,
You are utterly displeased with me
Not because my mind
Is completely ungrateful to You,
Not because my heart
Is completely ungrateful to You,
But because I have totally forgotten
My yesterday's aspiration-cry-promise,
My today's realisation-smile-promise
And my tomorrow's
Yet, my Beloved Supreme,
Out of Your boundless Bounty,
You are giving me another chance.
This time, my Beloved Supreme,
I am praying to You to make me worthy
Of Your Forgiveness-Light,
For in Your Forgiveness-Light
Is the perfect fulfilment of Your Dream,
Eternity's Dream, Infinity's Dream,
Immortality's Dream.
This Dream of Yours will grow into
Your supreme Reality
At Your choice Hour.