October 19871

My dear Lord Supreme, many have failed; many more are failing; still many more may eventually fail. Please tell me my status. Where do I stand with regard to my spiritual life?

"My child, because of your disobedience you have already failed once. My child, because of your impurity in your entire being you are failing now. My child, because of your ingratitude you will eventually fail again."

My dear Supreme, that means mine is a hopeless case!

"My child, perhaps it is so.

"Now, My child, I want to tell you something most secret and most sacred. Listen to Me devotedly and soulfully once and for all. When I talk to you about your soul, you have to realise that your soul is always, always aware of My infinite Compassion, of My infinite Concern, of My infinite and unconditional Affection and Love for you. Your soul is always and always at My Protection-Feet, and from My Protection-Feet sleeplessly it receives My Illumination-Light.

"I am proud of your soul because it knows who I am, because it wants to please Me always in My own Way. Because of your soul I repeatedly forgive you. Because of your soul I grant you again and again chance after chance to please Me in My own Way.

"Your soul has not yet accepted defeat, and it will never accept the final defeat. Therefore, I shall give you innumerable chances to please Me and be a perfect instrument of Mine.

"I consider you a human being just because of your soul. I consider you an instrument of Mine just because of your soul. If your soul gives up the fight in the battlefield of your life, then yours will be a perpetual failure.

"So, My child, believe in your soul, the real reality, and not in your body, vital, mind or even your heart. If you do what I am asking you to do, then your soul and I will definitely succeed, not only in the battlefield of your life but also in manifesting My Immortality's Divinity in and through you."

  1. GFH 35. Sri Chinmoy later gave a commentary on this talk. It was distributed privately to disciples, but not officially published. See: GFHC 1.