Agastya and the Vindhya mountains12

Once the Vindhya mountains were causing serious problems for the cosmic gods. They were growing up high, higher, highest each day. They were growing so tall that they were becoming taller than the Himalayas. They were becoming so powerful that they threatened to block the sun as it progressed across the sky. But the cosmic gods could do nothing, since the mountains would not surrender or bow down to anybody, or listen to anybody’s requests. They were growing up tall, taller and tallest, and the gods were very concerned.

Agastya was the Guru of the Vindhyas. The Vindhya mountains worshipped him. So the cosmic gods begged Agastya to do something to stop the mountains’ growth.

One day Agastya came and stood before the Vindhyas. As soon as they saw him they bowed down out of admiration and reverence. Agastya said to the mountains, “I am very pleased with you.”

The mountains said, “We are so happy that you have come. Please tell us what we can do for you. Anything you ask us we will do.”

Agastya said, “Nothing. I am very appreciative of your respect, love and devotion for me. Now, if you want to please me, remain bowed down until I come back. I am now going out on a pilgrimage. Until I return to you, please remain in this condition. I will deeply appreciate your devotion and your love for me.”

Agastya went out on a pilgrimage and he never came back. Ever since, the Vindhya range has remained bowed.

GIM 111. 29 January 1979