Balarama marries21

In those days it was socially acceptable and almost customary for people to marry more than one wife. Sri Krishna was married more than twice. But his brother, Balarama, married only once. He married a most beautiful girl named Revati.

Raivata, Revati’s father, at first did not want his beautiful daughter to marry Balarama because he was so short, whereas she was so tall. He also thought that it was beneath his dignity to offer his daughter to Balarama.

But Brahma knew that Balarama loved Revati dearly, even before his marriage. He told Raivata, “If you do not please Balarama when he asks for your daughter, and if you do not give her to him, then you will be sent to death immediately. So be wise. I am not asking because of his power, but because he is very kind-hearted. He is not only great and powerful, but also kind and good. He is the right person.”

So, at Brahma’s advice, Raivata went to Balarama and begged him to marry his daughter. Balarama smiled and agreed, saying, “You are fulfilling my heart’s desire.”

On the wedding day Balarama was shocked to see his wife’s height. He told Revati, “What will people think of me if I marry you? You are so tall. Let me shorten you. I assure you, it will not harm you. With my divine ploughshare I shall shorten you and you will not be affected.”

So he shortened his wife and they became the same height.

GIM 120. 29 January 1979