Bhrigu's method of casting horoscopes17

Bhrigu was better than anyone else in astrology. He was greatly versed in the mysterious workings of human destiny. He compiled astrological charts giving the horoscope of every person who was born or yet to be born. His charts were infallible. It was he who introduced the use of fire.

There was a young boy in India who was amused to hear of all the astrological capacities of Bhrigu. He almost doubted Bhrigu’s capacities. His elder brother was extremely fond of astrology and was also well versed in it.

He said, “You don’t believe Bhrigu. You think that his method of casting horoscopes is all hallucination. But you are wrong, my dear brother. Let me cast your horoscope according to Bhrigu.”

A few days later the young boy read his horoscope. There it was written that at the age of eleven he would go to a spiritual ashram to stay permanently under the guidance of a very, very great spiritual master. Then, after twenty years, he would start offering his own light to the world.

At that time, the young boy was in Bengal. When the hour came, the boy was taken by the elder members of his family to a great spiritual institute in south India, and there he stayed for twenty years. Then he became a spiritual Master and offered his own light to the world. So Bhrigu’s way of casting horoscopes was infallible.

Another incident which the young boy never forgot was Bhrigu’s explanation of why his maternal uncle had no children. According to Bhrigu’s book, his maternal uncle’s horoscope said that in his previous incarnation he was a great hunter. While hunting one day, he killed a pregnant deer. The pregnant deer cursed him saying, “I would not have cared if you had killed me alone, but I am pregnant and you have killed the child inside me. Therefore, I am cursing you. In your next incarnation you will not have one child. You will see the pain of not having a child in your next incarnation.”

Alas, the curse fell absolutely true, and the boy’s maternal uncle remained childless.

GIM 157. 8 February 1979