Question: Where is God and how do we fulfil Him?

Sri Chinmoy: We live in ignorance. That is why we feel that God is somewhere else. But if we go deep within, if we realise the Highest within ourselves, then we will see that our own consciousness is one with God's Consciousness. Right now, an ordinary human being will never dare to say that he and God are one, for he knows that his consciousness is tiny, limited, obstructed. But when the Christ said, "I and my Father are one," he said this from the realm of his deepest inner oneness with God. The Christ was conscious of the fact that his consciousness and God's Consciousness were totally one.

We have to shed soulful tears if we want to embody the Supreme consciously and if we want to fulfil and manifest the Supreme at every moment of our earthly existence. When a child cries, the mother comes running. Similarly, when we cry from the inmost recesses of our heart, our eternal Father, the Supreme, comes running to feed us, to illumine us, to carry us to the Golden Shore of the Beyond. The Supreme is our Father; He is our Mother; He is everything. We, like infants, have to cry and cry. Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to cry inwardly. We know how to smile, how to laugh outwardly; we know how to impose our proud ideas on others. We think more of perfecting other people's natures than of perfecting our own. We have no time to think of our own perfection. This is the tragedy of human life.

Every day when you meditate, try to feel that you are inside the Heart of God, the Inner Pilot. Although you have not seen the Supreme, just mentally imagine a human being who is absolutely golden. Imagine that He is right in front of you and you are inside His Heart or in His Lap or at His Feet. Do not think that you are eighteen or forty or sixty years old. No! Think that you are only one month old and that you are inside the very Heart of the Supreme or in His Lap.

Divine imagination is not a false way of looking at truth; it is the proper way to look at the truth. People who do not have the capacity to imagine cannot go very far. We see a poet and we may think that he is living in the world of imagination, but it is the poet who enters into the world of reality with his inner vision. Today's imagination is tomorrow's aspiration. Tomorrow's aspiration is the realisation of the day after tomorrow.