Question: Guru, please explain how we should meditate on an aphorism of yours, such as: "Three hundred sixty-five opportunities to realise the Supreme, to reveal the Supreme and to fulfil the Supreme."

Sri Chinmoy: The main word is 'Supreme'. Do not try to see the Supreme in human form, or in the form of a cloud or a star or something else. No! Only try to feel the word vibrating in your heart. Then comes the word 'realise'. Try to concentrate on what this means. It is more than seeing or feeling something. Realisation means oneness. When you realise something, that means that you have established your conscious oneness with it. You have to identify yourself with something or someone; only then can you say that you have realised that person or thing. What you have inside you is the Supreme, and you have to realise Him. Then comes 'reveal'. The Supreme has made you realise what He is and now you have to reveal Him. You reveal the Supreme not for name and fame, but because He has made you His instrument. When you reveal Him, you show Him to the world at large. You reveal what you have within, the Supreme, showing Him here and all around. Then you have to fulfil Him. You have to fulfil the Supreme in the way He wants to be fulfilled, not in the way you want to fulfil Him. So you have to pray to the Supreme, "I wish to fulfil You the way You want to be fulfilled. Please tell me how I can fulfil You."

Now, 'three hundred sixty-five opportunities' means that each day you are getting an opportunity to make your promise or your prayer fresh. Every day you bloom like a new, fresh flower and the following day you grow into another flower — a flower of dedication, absolute dedication. When you read this aphorism, try to feel that you have become a real flower, ready for dedication.

In each meditation you will see a world. If you read these meditations four or six times most soulfully, I wish to tell you that each time you will get something more meaningful, more significant. It is not that you will have different ideas and a different truth. No! It will be the same truth, but each time you will see it being expressed more powerfully. This is how you can meditate on an aphorism of mine.