Question: What is the effect of transcendental meditation on our consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: Transcendental meditation is to some extent a vague term. We use the word “transcendental” right and left at every moment, in season and out of season. But from the strict spiritual point of view, “transcendental” meditation is the meditation of constant self-giving. It is not like meditating on some very high and vague idea, like imagining the Himalayas and feeling that our consciousness is rising up to their topmost peak. That type of meditation is only a kind of deception.

Only if we can surrender ourselves totally and integrally during our meditation, only if we can feel that the Absolute Supreme is meditating in and through us, is it the real transcendental meditation. The Supreme meditates only in His highest transcendental Way, so if He meditates in and through us, we will feel the transformation of our lower being and the divination of our human existence.