Question: Should one realise or reach the highest consciousness before mingling with unaspiring people?

Sri Chinmoy: First, you have to realise the Highest. Then only can you dare to mix with unaspiring people. When you mix with unaspiring people, it is as if you are going to visit a mental hospital, and unless you yourself are very powerful you will also be affected.

If you are aspiring, you need not reach the Highest in order to help other aspiring people. While you yourself are going high, very high, you can help your younger brothers who are aspiring but not climbing up fast enough. But it is stupidity for you to try to help people who are not aspiring at all because you cannot change their nature.

To a seeker who is still unrealised, God usually says, “You aspire, and while you are climbing up, if you see that somebody is a little behind you, then help him, inspire him, guide him so that he can also come up to the place where you are. But do not mix with unaspiring people, for if you do, then you will never aspire. If you don’t aspire, then how will you realise Me?”

So let us be wise. First let us reach some height and mix with those who are aspiring. Then when you reach the Highest, if it is God’s Will you can mix with those who are unaspiring.