Author's introduction

"When I cry, God weeps. When I weep, God peeps. When I peep, God flings.
— Sri Chinmoy"

"When I cry." Each sincere seeker must feel that his inner cry is something to cherish forever. This cry actually comes from within us, from the very depths of our heart. Our inner cry is our strength. When this cry comes from the depths of our heart, it has to be accepted and embraced by something higher. This inner cry is not for name and fame; this inner cry is for deep awareness of what one truly is. This inner cry needs its manifestation. Inside this burning cry is our realisation, and inside our soulful weeping is our manifestation. Manifestation comes when we actually weep. Manifestation takes the form of weeping, and God comes to fulfil this weeping. We start the journey and God completes it. God comes to cherish and manifest what we have within.

We always have to feel that God's actions are more meaningful, more fruitful than ours. But when we go deep within, we feel that God does everything for us. Our journey's start is God and our journey's Goal is also God. As an individual human being we start our journey with crying and God the Divine Being completes the same journey with weeping. In this weeping we feel God's Concern for us. He says, "My child, at last you are crying for Me. Better late than never. You are crying for Me consciously and I am most proud that you are crying for Me, for Light." This is why God is weeping with joy and the sense of satisfaction.

"When I weep, God peeps." Here we have to understand who God is. If we feel that God is a very old man, like a grandfather or great-grandfather all the time picking at our mistakes and errors, then we are mistaken. We must feel that the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God is our real eternal Friend and Comrade. We are all children and He is of our age. In terms of our realisation we are all beginners, because our goal is infinite Light and infinite Bliss, and we have yet to come near the threshold. If we are sincere with ourselves and feel that we are all beginners, all children, then we feel that God is coming to us as a Child because His Purpose is to play with us. Grown-ups won't play, but a child constantly wants to play, all the time and everywhere. If we feel the necessity of always remaining children, then God can come to us in the form of a Child. He is the eternal Player in His eternal Garden; today he plays with our desires, tomorrow he plays with our aspiration, and the day after tomorrow he plays with our realisation.

Now at this point, when we are consciously praying, concentrating and meditating, God peeps at us like a child. He sees whether we are actually meditating or not. It is like a child peeping through the window to see what his parents or older people are doing. When the child sees he is going to be caught, he runs away.

God the divine Child wants to play His Cosmic Game of hide-and-seek with us. When God hides, we have to seek Him; when we hide, God will come and seek for us. In that way we become the sweetest of friends, eternal friends. If God is one-pointed, if He is always catching us with His Knowledge, Wisdom and Vision, then there will be no Game. If one party in a game is by far stronger than the other party and always wins, then the loser will not continue playing. So God comes in the form of a child and peeps at us, His children.

God wants us always to act like children, divine children. Every day a divine child renews his thoughts, his ideas, his aims; everything that he has he changes. When the day dawns he will not stay with yesterday's hope, desire or achievement; he will not be satisfied. And as soon as tomorrow dawns he will again have new hope, new prayers and new goals.

Divine children play innocent games. Their spontaneous inner joy and innocent play gives us delight. Real divine children do not get joy from boxing, fighting or other kinds of games that grown-up people play. Divine children try to become one with Mother Earth, and from nature they try to get joy. But grown-ups are unfortunately misusing the concern, compassion and capacity of Mother Earth. They are violating the Cosmic Law and obstructing the path of their own inner realisation.

Now, "When I peep, God flings." Why? God is in His Room of infinite Joy, Peace, Bliss and Power, and He sees that some poor fellow, some lone individual has come all the way to see Him. This poor seeker is not sure of his present achievement. He feels that he may be caught by God and that God may be displeased with him because of his inferior capacity, because of his inferior understanding of Light and Truth. We run towards God, but the moment we feel that God is looking at us we feel ashamed of ourselves because we have committed untold, teeming mistakes in our lives. When we stand in front of the Light, very often all our darkness, imperfection and impurity come to the fore. We are crying and trying to see the Light, but when we are about to face the eternal effulgence of infinite Light, we are horror-struck. We feel that our abysmal impure nature will be exposed. So, like a thief, we try to see the Truth stealthily. At the same time, we try to get joy by feeding our eyes with the vision. So when we peep into God's Eldorado, God's infinite Treasure-room, He flings around and says, "My child, at long last you have come to Me, and now you are so afraid of Me that you have to peep? No. I won't let you go. You have not yet recognised your eternal friendship with Me; that is why you are hiding. But now I wish to tell you that I have taken you as My very own. You and I are one, eternally one. I am conscious of the fact that we are one; unfortunately you are not." Saying this, God flings around and captures the child. Why does God do it? He does it on the strength of His oneness. He feels that His highest identity has to be revealed. God starts his journey as a child. He will play with us human beings and make us feel that He is in no way superior to us. If God remained in his highest Consciousness, we human beings would not approach Him. So He dons the human cloak in the form of a child, and He becomes one with us.

Then he has to elevate us. He mixes with us, but just by mixing He cannot elevate us. To elevate us He has to bring to the fore His own highest qualities and capacities within us. So when God finally catches us peeping at Him, He says, "You have come to Me from a very far-away land. Now the time has come for Me to make you feel that you are My very own." That is why God flings and captures our human aspiration, our human urge, our human cry. In the beginning of the journey God became a child, and He Himself was peeking at us. But at the end of the journey, God feels satisfaction in making the aspirant feel that he is as great as God. Now hide-and-seek is no longer necessary. The game is over. The game starts when there is separativity, duality. Two players try to get joy from each other and give joy to each other. And when the game ends, it ends in one supreme Consciousness.

In the beginning there was One, but the One wanted to become Many: Ekam bhusyama. By becoming Many, the Supreme tastes His own Truth in millions, and billions and trillions of forms, in infinite forms. And finally, when He has manifested and fulfilled Himself fully in infinite forms here on earth, the Supreme goes back to His original Source. The Game is complete.