Question: Was God born?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God was born, and God is born. God is constantly taking birth at every moment inside you — in what you say, what you do and what you become. God is constantly coming into you in a new form. With each new thought, each new idea, you will feel that a new God has dawned, a new God has taken birth. And what is He doing? He is taking you from lesser knowledge to greater knowledge. Perhaps right now you know only the names of your parents and your grandmother and a few friends. This is your lesser knowledge. But tomorrow or a few days later, you will see that you know more names, more people, more countries. With each moment and with each new thought feel that God in a new form is giving you more knowledge, more wisdom.

I wish to tell you that at your birth God was born inside you. God is now at every moment taking birth inside you, making you better, nicer, wiser and more fulfilling. Who is God? God is yourself, inside you. Your best qualities are qualities from God. God comes and stands in front of you and sees what you do — whether or not you are quarrelling with your brother and whether or not you are obeying your mother. When you don't quarrel with your brother, you will feel that God is most pleased with you. When you listen to your mother, you will again feel that God is most pleased with you. Every day you have hundreds of opportunities to please God or to displease God. I know you are very obedient to your mother, so God is pleased with you. And I am most proud of you two brothers who never fight. I have seen you so many times yet I have never seen you quarrelling or fighting. So in that way also God is most pleased with you. Every day early in the morning I meditate and concentrate on you and I see that God is most pleased with you. When I think of you, concentrate on you, it is all joy and all bliss. So when I am pleased with you, most pleased, you can rest assured God is also most pleased with you. If God were displeased, I would have been displeased. Just because God is most pleased with you, I show you all my love, all my affection and all my concern.