Question: I sometimes experience great anguish and cry to God for help. After crying, why do I feel a great peace and safety?

Sri Chinmoy: You must know that it is because God has answered the prayer. When your son was a child, he was often hungry. If he needed milk or something else you came running to him. When you fed him, his desire was fulfilled and his thirst was quenched. Anything that he needed he got. Here he was hungry in a physical sense. When you are in pain or you are suffering, you also need something: God's Consolation. The medicine for suffering is consolation in the form of Light, Peace and Bliss. When I am suffering, if somebody comes and consoles me, that means he has brought for me Peace and Light. When your son was in need of something, you came to him because you had the capacity to please him, to satisfy him and to fulfil him. Since God is infinitely more capable than you are, you cry to Him because you know that He alone can fulfil your desire. As you answer the prayer or the cry of your child, so God answers your cry. God comes. He alone responds to your cry.