Question: I don't understand what the word 'God' means. Can God be equivalent to energy?

Sri Chinmoy: God is not only equivalent to energy, God Himself is energy. But we have to know what aspect of God appeals to us. If God in the form of energy appeals to us, then God will come to us in the form of infinite energy. But if God in the form of a human being appeals to our mind and heart, He will come and stand right in front of us as a human being in a most luminous form.

The Buddha did not use the word 'God'; he used the word 'Nirvana'. Nirvana is Bliss, transcendental Bliss, and this Bliss is none other than God Himself. Again, we have to know what we actually want, what we care for. If we care for peace, then peace brings us satisfaction. This satisfaction brings still more peace that we can use in our daily life satisfy ourselves and to bring forward our divine perfection. This divine perfection we can call God, or Peace, or any other divine quality.